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Why We Tackle Lawn Care

Why are we tackling lawn care?


Our story started because I (Kaden) started a lawn mowing service to help his neighbors almost six years ago. However, I quickly discovered that many clients didn't know how to properly take care of their lawns! For instance, one client believed in addressing almost every lawn issue with fertilizer. This same client went too far with one request a few summers ago: he instructed me to apply a weed-and-feed in the middle of the hot July weather, not the ideal time to fertilize. Upon hearing this request, I researched how over-fertilization can negatively impact the environment and sent the client several articles stating the ideal time to fertilize was in the late fall. The morning after sending this email, a spark of passion for helping the environment started burning inside me. This inspired Kaden to delve more into the world of eco-friendly lawn care techniques and discovered mulching, which conserves nutrients and water by recycling grass clippings back into the lawn. Teaching all of his clients about the benefits of mulching solidified my passion for environmental advocacy. I knew that I could only have a more significant environmental impact by working with others! I initially enlisted three friends to achieve this goal. To this end, we entered the Paradigm Challenge, where students enter an environmentally impactful invention in order to get funding. But we realized we couldn't stop there - that's why we decided to start Lono Tech.  Since then, we have only grown! ​ - Kaden Sisk
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