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The New Standard
in Lawn Care

sustainable lawn care.

one blade of grass at a time.

Our Vision

For the future of lawn care

The Inspiration

Our co-founder, Kaden Sisk, owns a lawn care business. He knows all the dirty secrets of the industry. 

The Solution

Our innovative solution...

  • Prevents over-fertilization

  • Is easy to use

  • Saves time

The Dirty Secret of Lawn Care

Lawn care contributes to...

  • Global Warming

  • Dead zones, where fish and other marine organisms can't survive

Your Experience

We believe lawn care should be a customizable experience. That's why our device meets the nutrient needs of every lawn.

Unprecedented Solution.

To make lawn care more eco-friendly, we are currently working on a device that detects grass health and then fertilizes  accordingly.

The Problem


Percentage of all US homes with a lawn


Acres of the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico 


Pounds of Fertilizer used annually in the US alone!


Gallons of gas spilled when refilling lawn equipment annually


Gallons of water required per one square foot of sod

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